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  • What other sports do you train for. When using the VertiMax?
    Basketball, Football, Track, Volleyball, Tennis , Baseball , Boxing
  • What type of VertiMax training do you provide for Athletes?
    Speed , Agility , Lateral Quickness Drills , Plyometric Drills , Explosive jumps, Strength Training
  • Do you work on the athlete particular skills sets in a certain Sports when training with the VertiMax?
    Yes we Do . That is why it is important for PROALLEN to either see the athlete in a athletic contest or view film of them participating in their chosen sport. Once we determine their area of need we will work twice as hard to get them faster , stronger and more explosive than before. As well as helping to improve their IQ & Skill sets.
  • What age group would you recommend a younger athlete start working with the VertiMax?
    Parents all athletes are built different from each other. The VertiMax comes with a youth resistant bands. So we will not be using the adult cords unless we determine they are physically ready. I have work with athletes from ages 11 & Up.
  • How many days would you recommend that a athlete start training at per week?
    Again all athletes are built differently . The younger smaller athlete can train about 2 days per weeks to start with . Once their body gets use to the training you can always add 1-2 more days per week with some rest in between
  • Are all VertiMax training about jumping?
    No! There will be on platform and off platform workouts to help the athletes become faster, stronger and more explosive in their sports.
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